3 Tips from Expert Sellers from Shopify and Poshmark on How to Sell Clothes Online

Sell Clothes for Money: How to Sell Vintage Clothes Online on Shopify

Shopify and eBay are places where many sellers had their start when the demand for vintage clothes increased! Here is how to sell clothes for money online on Shopify!

Let’s face it – fashion has been inspired by previous trends and history. Think of the dress silhouettes from the 40s, denim cuts from the 70s, and etc.

Shoppers rely on vintage trends and they are constantly looking for unique pieces to buy online. This is your chance to sell clothes for money and promote your vintage apparel.

From cleaning, sourcing, storing, pricing, and publishing, selling vintage clothes online on Shopify come with its own challenges. So, what can you do?

While you might choose random pieces of clothing and sell what you like, why not consider choosing a niche to help your Shopify clothing store stand out. For example, focusing on items from a specific period (the 20s, 60s, 80s, and etc.) price point (couture, designer, and etc.) or style (athletic wear, evening wear, and etc.) will give your store a more unique and consistent feel.

According to successful Shopify sellers, a focused offering makes it simpler to find buyers and speak to your shoppers. Also, it simplifies the overall shopping experience.

We recommend you to consider the following:

  • Find your style: You will find sourcing easier when you consider your own aesthetic. You are capable of spotting good things among messy racks, so choose wisely and detect your style.
  • Avoid limited inventory: If you’ve found great evening wear from the 30s, that is just too specific to sell online on Shopify. You may have difficulty sourcing enough inventory. Instead, we recommend you to establish reliable sources for your store.
  • Avoid fierce competition: Before you start selling vintage clothes, ask yourself “Is it too competitive”? If there are already too many shops doing the same thing, you’ll have difficulty standing out.
  • Always follow the trends: Remember, what is happening currently on the runway is important when selling clothes on the web. Pay attention to any given season, influencer trend or celebrity trend. Even though your store sells vintage clothes, it still connects to the modern lifestyle.

To conclude – Clearly define the items before you start sourcing. Carefully inspect the items before publishing and make sure they are in a sellable condition, and know your stuff (size, color, dimensions, and etc! Good luck!