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3 Tips from Expert Sellers from Shopify and Poshmark on How to Sell Clothes Online

Here are 3 tips every Shopify and Poshmark seller should know when selling old or new clothes online! Use these tips, sell clothes online, and increase your profits!

Today is the day to make money off the items you probably won’t wear in the future!

The idea of selling your clothes online can be a little bit intimidating and time-consuming, but it is all worth it.

For those interested in tapping into entrepreneurial life, a well-considered listing could flourish into a successful business. To help make this happen, we’ve discussed with expert sellers from Shopify and Poshmark to share their best tips and tricks for getting started.

So, let’s see how to sell clothes online and build a successful shop:

  • Be super specific with listings: Giving a frame of reference, according to one Shopify seller, will help buyers see the value of your item. There will be times when people will sell the same thing as you do, however, if you write a little more detail about your item, the buyer will get interested. Always be conversational and upfront about the condition of the item you are selling.
  • Pricing items should include research: When it comes to determining the prices for pieces that are sold online, every online seller has its own approach. For one Poshmark seller, it is all about how much she had paid for the item, its uniqueness, versatility, and demand. If a buyer tries to offer a lower price, don’t disregard it, instead, say “Thank you for your offer, here is the best I can do for you” This way is better than trying to be short with potential buyers. They might not have the budget right now, but they might have it later, who knows? If you respond negatively or be rude, they might not come back.
  • Be stylish about shipping: You could send off your item in a basic shipping envelope, but if you want to build a successful brand and take your online clothing store to the next level, consider investing in a branded package. Fun and super-cute packaging is a thing that buyers appreciate, according to one Shopify seller who usually wraps the shipments in plastic, tissue paper, and together with a thank-you letter.

It all comes down to connecting with your shoppers. Follow these tips and show your people how professional your clothing store is.